Surrey Biofuel Facility Project

Sacré-Davey Engineering acted as owner’s engineer in the Surrey Biofuel Facility.

SDE was commissioned by the City of Surrey as the “Design and Construction Representative” for the Organic Waste Biofuel Facility located in the Port Kells Industrial Park, Surrey, BC. This state of the art Anaerobic Digestion organic waste and biofuel processing facility was designed to have a processing ability of 115,000 metric tonnes of organic waste per year, generating biogas to be upgraded onsite into biomethane for injection into the local gas grid system. As the Design and Construction Representative for the City of Surrey, SDE was tasked with reviewing the project from the conceptual stage through to the commissioning phase of the project.

The scope of our work included:

  • Preliminary Design Review and Recommendations
  • Design Phase Reviews at 50 & 95 Percent Complete
  • Monitoring of Construction Works 2015 – 2016
  • Overview of Facility Commissioning
  • Comprehensive Review of Work Packages
  • Review of Facility Management Plans
  • Review of Facility Long Term Maintenance Plan
  • Review of Quality Management Plan

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