Pulp & Paper

With Canada being a global leader in Pulp & Paper, the continued importance of this sector to our economy cannot be underestimated.

Besides being a major part of paper and packaging production, pulp has many practical applications in our everyday life. Cellulose fibres are found in products as diverse as textiles such as rayon and biodegradable fabrics, filter media and fiber-reinforced composites, and even food additives.

Our multidisciplinary engineering team has many years of experience in design, maintenance, troubleshooting and construction at pulp and paper facilities. Based in North Vancouver, we have capacity to cover all necessary disciplines for an EPCM project, but remain flexible and nimble enough to provide a right sized team appropriate to the project’s scope.
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Materials Handling
  • Chips, sawdust, hog, chemicals
  • Load in/load out facilities, ship, truck and rail
  • Groundwood, kraft and sulphite cycles
  • Digester area
  • Refining, TMP, CTMP, BCTMP
  • Brownstock washing and stock prep
  • Bleach plant and hi-density storage
  • Liquids transfer, pipelines, pumping
Power & Recovery
  • Black liquor handling, concentration
  • Steam plant, recovery and power boilers
  • Green/white liquor handling and recausticizing
  • Steam cycles, recovery, use and reduction
  • Power generation and turbines
  • Energy management, audits and conservation
  • Water, wastewater and sludge collection, and treatment 
Machine Room
  • Pulp/paper machine
  • Dust control

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