Mineral Processing and Mining Services

SDE has a strong mining and process engineering team whose goal is to deliver the lowest capital cost, highest return on investment, and optimum production cost for our clients’ projects. Our focus is to apply leading-edge technologies to improve the process for greenfield and brownfield projects. We provide service from initial scoping level test work to design and construction of the plant. Every mine and mineral process plant requires unique design and solutions for the highest utilization of resources, production efficiency, energy consumption and product quality; and our experienced mining and mineral processing engineers ensure the highest production quality, work safety and economy benefits.
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SDE’s mining and mineral processing team has experts who are world leaders in ore sorting technology, designing lime and cement plants, improving process steps in different departments such as ore dressing, crushing and grinding, raw material and product handling, pre-heater/pre-calciner, kilns and refractories design, fuel and burner, product load out and also conduct fully integrated feasibility studies, due diligence assessments, economic evaluations and risk assessments. SDE can provide consulting services, front-end studies, mining and mineral process design, open pit and underground mine design, and also provide department scale-up/conversion and equipment upgrade/optimization, as well as procurement and construction management services.
Ore Sorting
Sacré-Davey is the world leader in ore sorting engineering. Ore Sorting is a sensor based sorting technology, introduced between the excavation stage and the processing stage. Every rock is scanned at high speed through the sensor on a conveyor belt where the valuable and waste materials are sorted into two separate piles using air jets. The unwanted waste is diverted to the dump and only the ore is sent to the mill for further processing. This reduces the quantity of material entering the mill and also reduces dilation of the ore. What we do
  • Increase mine ROI based on new capex, opex and revenue
  • Rebuild economic models using new mill feed grades
  • Remove low grade rocks that a mine would lose money on.
  • Typically 35-75% for open pits and 50-75% from underground mines.
  • Generate value from waste by removing the few valuable rocks from waste piles
  • Optimize ore sorting algorithms
How we do it
  • Testing
  • Scoping studies
  • PEA’s and updates of existing PEA’s
  • Feasability and prefeasability studies
  • Construction and commissioning
For a more detailed description of ore sorting process, please watch this fun short video:
Modular pre-crushing is a technology that reduces the size of the particles feeding a SAG Mill in order to improve throughput. This process does not require a second SAG mill; instead, a portion of the primary crusher product is sent to a secondary crusher and the result, a finer SAG mill feed, allows the SAG mill to process increased tonnages. The Sacré-Davey Difference
  • Current pre-crushing plant designs around the world require a separate enclosure structure, with a proper foundation.
  • This separate building requires vast capital investment with a project payback often exceeding 12 months.
  • Sacré-Davey’s solution involves a modular plant design that can achieve the same benefits with significantly lower capital investment.
  • The separate pre-crushing structure is replaced by a robust, prefabricated modular building consisting of only the necessary crushers and conveyers.
  • The modular unit allows for the leasing of equipment
  • The modular solution can reduce pre-crushing costs by 45-55% by minimizing labour, engineering and infrastructure cost
  • The pre-crushing technology can increase tonnage by 10-20%
  • The pre-assembled modular stand-alone equipment can reduce installation and commissioning costs by 60-70%
Lime Processing and Industrial Minerals
Our technically skilled professionals are committed to the successful engineering and project management of small, medium and large plant projects. Since its inception, Sacré-Davey Ferenco has focused its primary effort on the lime industry. We have been responsible for 21 lime plants resulting in 3.6 million tons per year of installed capacity. Our work in the lime industry has included:
  • Limestone crushing plants
  • Lime production facilities
  • Hydrate plants
  • Precipitated calcium carbonate plants
As a natural progression, Sacré-Davey Ferenco has diversified its spectrum of services to include the cement, gypsum, flyash, clay, coal/coke, industrial sand and salt industries.
Cement Industry
Our technically skilled and experienced professionals are committed to the successful engineering and project management of increasing production capacity, plant efficiency and energy efficiency. According its knowledge and experience, Sacré-Davey work in cement industries has included:
  • Equipment/Department scale-up and conversion
  • Equipment optimization and upgrade
  • Energy efficiency projects
  As a part of our abilities, we are doing:
  • Technical and operational feasibility study
  • economic and financial feasibility
  • Increase the capacity of Raw Materials Preparation/Clinker Production/Finish Grinding/Product load out
  • Long dry kiln conversion to multi-stage preheater kiln
  • Conversion to modern grate cooler
  • Conversion to pre-heater, pre-calciner kiln
  • Conversion to high-efficiency raw meal/clincker grinding mills
  • Optimization of general systems (compressed air, fans, dust collectors and drives)
  • Efficient transport systems
  • High-efficiency classifiers/separators
  • Efficient kiln drives
  • Addition of pre-calciner to pre-heater kiln
  • Low pressure drop cyclones for suspension preheaters
  • Increase the number of preheater stages
  • Optimization of refractories designs
  • Fuel preparation
  • Kiln combustion system improvements
  • Seal replacement
  • Energy management and process control
  • Refractories: Proper design, Correct selection, Accurate installation
  • Kiln shell heat loss reduction

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