Pulp Mill Lime Kiln Natural Gas Audit

natural gas audit

Sacré-Davey performed the natural gas audit in the 350 tonne/day lime kiln under FortisBC’s Powersense Program.  SDE reviewed best operating practices and worked with specialty suppliers to identify over 150,000 GJ/yr of potential energy savings.

SDE reviewed recent natural gas usage, operational data, drawings, and maintenance records, as well as conducting a site visit and interviewing operating and maintenance staff.  SDE identified several potential energy conservation measures and estimated cost and energy savings for each.  This included contacting vendors and researching similar projects which had been carried out in other pulp mills.  SDE reviewed the results with our client and prepared a summary report.

SDE identified nine potential energy-savings projects with a total savings of 260,000 GJ/yr, worth over $2.5 million per year to our client.