LNG Plant Commissioning

LNG plant commissioning

LNG plant commissioning at the Yukon Energy Whitehorse Generating Station for peak power loads and generation backup. The project consists of an LNG unloading, storage, and vaporization facility, two new GE natural gas-fired engine modules with a total capacity of 8.8 MW, electrical substation upgrades, and network and other auxiliary systems.

Sacré-Davey Engineering acted as Commissioning Manager for Yukon Energy to oversee the overall commissioning effort.  SDE scheduled final construction and commissioning work, coordinated the commissioning work of contractors and major equipment suppliers, approved commissioning test plans and acceptance criteria, conducted inspections of vendor-supplied equipment, kept track of construction and commissioning deficiencies, and coordinated and monitored corrective actions.  SDE also compiled records of all testing for delivery to Yukon Energy and prepared commissioning submissions for regulatory agencies.  Commissioning of the majority of subsystems was completed to schedule, and there  was no time lost due to injuries.