Dough Mixers Refrigeration System Glycol Conversion

dough mixers refrigeration system

Conversion of the existing dough mixers refrigeration system from a “Direct expansion” system to “Glycol” system and complete overhaul of the 2500 lb. bread dough mixers.

SDE provided Engineering expertise and managed the project from concept to completion. Project scope included:

  • Design and construction of an addition to the existing building to accommodate the new Glycol system.
  • Installation of the new Glycol system, including Glycol tank, pumps, control panel, pipes, valves and tie in to the existing Mixers and compressors.
  • Complete overhaul of the Bread mixers and replacement of the dough bowls and refrigeration jackets.
  • Design and installation of the temporary reinforcements and shoring of the existing elevated concrete floor slab during installation.

Project achieved all defined objectives and resolved the environmental issues associated with the old system.