Sacré-Davey Group Acquires Majority Interest in The Oilsands Research Group

Sacré-Davey is pleased to announce the acquisition of a majority interest in The Oilsands Research Group (ORG). ORG specializes in innovating and optimizing oil sands mining, processing and tailings operations.  ORG has, at it’s core, a group of 20 specialists and gurus with over 200 years’ experience in the oil sands research, development and operations industries. They are leaders in the advancement of oil sands technology and in the discovery, scale-up and development of extraction processes.

This acquisition will result in the creation of Sacré-Davey Oilsands Innovation (SDOI), the newest member of the Sacré-Davey Group, and will focus on process optimization, pilot plant development and oil sands efficiency audits. Together with Sacré-Davey Engineering, SDOI will be able to extend their offering and also include project management, engineering, procurement, construction management and other technical services to our growing oil sands customer base.

Brent Hilscher, P.Eng will lead this group as Managing Director of Sacré-Davey Oilsands Innovation working with the Sacré-Davey Leadership Team to ensure that our combined reputation for delivering excellence in customer service, quality and innovation continues.

About Oilsands Research Group

The Oilsands Research Group is capable of providing a wide range of oil sands related work within 6 main technical categories: Mining, Extraction, Environmental/Reclamation, Utilities, and In-situ. Our team includes PhDs in extraction and environmental studies who not only are familiar with but have been personally developing the latest advancements in the oil sands. Technologies to use less water, emit less CO2, recover more bitumen, and reclaim the land back to a natural state faster, are just a few of the areas in which our specialists have been involved. Our group also has young scientists and engineers, learning from some of the leading names in oil sands research. Visit for more information.

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