The Bronek Czech Memorial Cup proudly sponsored by SDE

Sacré-Davey Engineering has been a proud sponsor of The Bronek Czech Memorial Cup (BCMC) race since 2010.  BCMC is a ski and snowboard family race that took place on March 5, 2017 at Mt Seymour. This wonderful event in the memory of one of Poland’s greatest athletes and an Olympian Bronek Czech encourages children’s physical activity and promotes active lifestyle among youth. At Sacré-Davey we pride ourselves in being family-oriented and promoting healthy and active living among not only employees, but also within the community. Comments like this one below warm our hearts!

“It was lots of fun not only for my son, Mateusz but also for me.  Mateusz told me on our way home that it was the best thing he ever did in his life.  He is already planning to go back skiing as soon as he can.  Today I had to ski with him at Mt. Seymour until 6pm!” (Teresa)

The Bronek Czech Memorial Cup  The Bronek Czech Memorial Cup  The Bronek Czech Memorial Cup

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